We are an organization with more than 30 years of experience executing projects with grassroots social organizations, local municipalities and public and private institutions, and we have a qualified and responsible team.


Our experience, and the professional team we have, allow us to carry out investigations, diagnoses, work systematizations, development of communication products and training. We are capable of designing alternatives for social responsibility projects for companies, non-governmental organizations and public institutions for their development in rural and urban areas.

Our experience

We have carried out consultancies for the Rural Agricultural Productive Development Program of the Ministry of Agriculture and Irrigation, the Ministry of Energy and Mines, and the National Institute of Quality, Empresa Calquipa, and Empresa Minera Buenaventura.

We have designed and/or executed social responsibility projects for INKABOR, MINSUR and AURUBIS.

We have designed development proposals for non-governmental organizations.


If you require the consulting services of our institution, contact Delmy Poma.



054 257043